A solid legal foundation is key to the operation and growth of any new business. Singer Startups was designed to help startups establish a solid legal foundation quickly and cost effectively, putting in place the groundwork for future growth and expansion.

Singer Startups is not a collection of template legal documents. Every document is prepared by an Ontario corporate lawyer. From years of experience providing legal advice to startup businesses, we have prepared specially designed online forms, through which you provide the information necessary for us to prepare documents and agreements tailored to your business’ specific needs. Most importantly for startups, our work is done on a fixed fee basis. No more billable hour guesswork involved.

Singer Startups is operated by Singer Business Law, a boutique corporate commercial law practice located in downtown Toronto.

Got a Question?

Everybody has questions! Send us a message, but doing so does not mean that we are your lawyers until we have confirmed so in writing. Please do not include any confidential information in your message.